I’m a writer, a traveller, an interpreter.


I can instantly fall in love with a story and I feel that writing and story-telling are real processes of participating in life. I consider myself a novel-eater... basically, I live on stories.

I worked as Editor, Interpreter and Translator for Television Public Conferences, Social Associations, Public Authorities and Public Services such as hospitals and schools, where I especially looked after kids with little or none knowledge of the Italian language.

Being an Interpreter gave me the opportunity to meet very different people, each with their own story that broadened my point of view.

My hunger for stories has brought me to study cultures and languages, both in highschool and at college, where I specialized myself in Chinese and Japanese. The more I studied, the more I realized the vastness of the world and the enormous quantity of stories we can discover by travelling and meeting people with different backgrounds.

In 2013 I spent a year studying in Dalian, a sea-port city in Northern China: despite the miles that divided me from my own country, I truly felt at home, immersed in an international, lively environment, buzzing with stories and places waiting to be discovered. I decided to tell some of those stories, starting my first blog.

From 2014 to 2016, I lived in Venice, studying Mandarin and Chinese culture at Ca’ Foscari University. Why Venice? You may not know, but Venice is an open-air gallery of stories, written in the ancient monuments and floating in the canals. Inspired by the water landscape, I centred my thesis on the life and legacy of a famous Chinese pirate.

On March 2016 I was at the Headquarter of the United Nations in New York, representing the Japan Delegation in a simulation of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice’s assembly, following the Change the World Model United Nations project.

I was particularly involved in the research about cyber-security and children’s protection, and I obtained an Honorable Mention.

The PEOPLE stories make me feel richer. Each new story, which can come from news or novels, makes all of our lives richer, and that is why I decided to share my novels with the world.

© 2018 by Ilaria Vigilante.

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