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Mere Fear

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Describe something completely ordinary... with a horror flare!

The sound.

It was a piercing, shrill sound.

Garrick held his hands pressed against his ears, shaking. The white linen shirt was drenched in his sweat and his hair, untamed and untidy, covered his face, twisted in a pained expression. He was crouching down on the immaculate white floor. Indeed, everything in that room seemed created on purpose to make a contrast with his dirty, gaunt figure. The walls looked as if they had been freshly painted with the same colour of the fog, and in general everything seemed to be scrubbed up clean. There were no windows, only one single neon lamp on the ceiling, but the room was even too much bright with all that whiteness. There were only two pieces of furniture inside the room: a cheap iron-wrought bed, covered in fresh, white sheets, and a white plastic nightstand, on the wall in front of him.

On the nightstand, there was the hellish thing making that wretched sound.

Garrick had no idea where he was, nor how he ended up in that place, or who had brought him there. His mind, ironically, was as white as the walls of his cell. And it was rather difficult to try and think, with that wicked shriek pounding on his eardrums. Garrick stared weakly at the torture tool - what else could it be?

It was the only thing which was not white. It was red, a bright, shiny red.

It had a weird shape, a sort of curved trapezoid with a little wheel attached on the front; the wheel had some numbers drawn on it. On the upside it held a strange tool, which, was it not for the repulsive colour and the bigger, roundish ends, would have looked like a banana. The not-a-banana object was linked to the main part of the torture tool with a cord, thick and coiling on itself like a snake. It shook and jerked any time the piercing sound blared, evil, unmerciful, driving Garrick out of his mind.

Now it's your turn!

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