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The Eye of the Villain

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Every villain is a hero in their mind, they say. What if your main character was also the bad guy?

Bellatrix Lestrange cosplay - Lucca Comics & Games 2017

They're all fools.

Fighting one another in the boundaries of this miserable city, blaming always the other side for their misfortunes. They don't see the darkness growing. It will swallow them all, alongside their shallow beliefs and creeds.

They're all fools, you're all fools.

You think that if you wipe away the filth, if you scourge clean the black marks of the undesired population of our capital, you'll be victorious. Try and achieve peace by slaughtering your opponents! It makes everything so much easier, for me.

You think that if you hide in the shadows, lurking in the slums, concealed by the night when you stab your enemies in the back, you'll be free. Go on and abide to my orders, my gullible slave.

The moon is absent tonight. Black clouds crowd the sky, boding an imminent storm, and the weak light of torches only cast more shadows in the alleys. The weather hasn't changed in the past few days, always tinged in a dark hue, as if even the sky knew that the fragile balance of our capital is soon going to be shattered. But the people, oh, the people, the fools, they can't realise it. Not yet.

I walk down the empty alleys, covered in my black cloak, the hood lifted to hide my face. The citizens of Dayght are afraid of going out at night, especially in the Gray Zone. The city has been split since years, between the side of good imperial citizens, and the gutter, occupied by thieves, rogues and rovers who refuse the law of the emperor. What we call "the Gray Zone" is just the totality of streets, squares and lanes which link the protected centre to the outer walls, the Dark Forest and the forgotten cemetery. No one is safe at night, outside the gates of the White District.

No one except me.

I'm the chief of the unwanted, I'm the master of the lawless. I pull the strings from the dark, and let the fools dance their nonsense jigs while I plot the defeat of this empire.

A mischievous smile broadens on my lips. I can't help but smile, when I think about it. I let them fight, I use the battles as a cloak while my best agent is at work. Fear. It whispers in their ears with the icy softness of snow, it makes the bravest's heart tremble with doubts. It crawls, serpentine, under the iron gates, on the clean pavement of the White District, inspiring treacherous thoughts, staining the immaculate conscience of the most faithful soldiers. And I sit on my throne in the darkness, setting my followers' hate ablaze, speaking of freedom and injustice.

The fate of this city is in my hands. I will make it fall.

They'll pay, they're all going to pay. The empire will crack under the pressure of this city brimmed with conflict, the obscurity will finally be free to roam and feed on these arrogant humans. Every one of them, parasites, in a land they claim as theirs. But I don't really care, they're all going to satisfy my hunger.

It grows, stronger and more wicked every moonless night, and the darkness gathers in the sky. I want more power, more power to strike them all. I'll step on their ruins, I'll burn their buildings to cinder, I'll banquet on their souls. I alone will stand in the ashes, ruler of everything.

Be prepared, when the time's come.

This is a small peek in one of my original villains' mind - I'm still planning the rest of the story, though, haha! I enjoyed a lot writing this, so let me know if you want to read more "evil POVs", I'll be delighted to please you, hehe.

Now it's your turn!

Who are your favourite villains? What kind of personality would you give a villain to make them unforgettable? Let me know in the comments!

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